Tired of Meeting at the Local Coffee Shop?

Rent Exceptional Meeting & Conference Rooms

The Value When you need to meet with clients in a private setting, or you want to give a presentation to one or more potential clients, existing clients or colleagues, what better way than to book one of our fully equippedMeeting Rooms?
At The Centres at Burlington, we understand the importance of meeting with clients in a professional setting. That’s why our rooms are beautifully appointed with contemporary furniture, with state-of-the-art technology, such as video conferencing, phone bridging and conferencing, multi-media presentation equipment, televisions, cable, internet and WiFi.

Customized Meeting Room Packages

When you purchase one of our fully equipped office packages you can customize a package that allows you to book a certain number of meeting room hours as well. As your business grows, you can book as many hours as you need, on a per-use basis.
Meeting, conference or board rooms offer an ideal alternative to public venues like coffee shops and restaurants. These can be noisy and cramped; and they are prone to ‘eavesdroppers’ who have nothing better to do than listen in on your conversation. These settings are both unprofessional and impractical. Our meeting rooms give you a professional atmosphere that you can impress your clients with. Coffee shops and restaurants are for eating in – not for conducting business presentations.

Professional Staff make every Meeting Special

Before your meeting, one of our staff members will test all of the equipment to ensure that it’s working as it should; this will prevent embarrassing moments in the middle of a meeting when you’re about to give your presentation.

From the moment your guests enter the reception area, they will be treated with dignity and respect. The reception area is beautifully appointed and they will be offered complimentary coffee or tea. Our experienced staff members will escort them to the appropriate room and make them comfortable. They will feel at ease right from the beginning.

We can also provide catering and lunches upon request. Booking a meeting room is as easy as going online. We have an online booking system that you can use to reserve your space even on short notice. If you know that you’re going to need the room on a regular basis, you can book that as well.