Our Answering Service

In general, a new business owner goes out in search of an office space that can provide them with the amenities and price they need to get their business off of the ground. Having helpful amenities can help to improve overall productivity in the work place, as well as taking some stress off of you, the business owner. At The Centres at Burlington, all of the amenities that we offer are geared to the professional business person’s need, which means that our amenities can help you immensely. One of the best amenities that we offer is an answering service during our normal business hours. Here are just a few of the many benefits of our rent workspace answering service.

Increased Customer Service

img1One of the biggest benefits of having an answering service is that all of your business calls will be handled with care and professionalism. Our well trained receptionist know how to handle most of the questions that your customers will pose to them, which should take a huge burden off of you because you know that your calls will be handled in the manner in which you would handle them. Instead of being bogged down by phone calls all day, you can let our answering service take that load off of you.

Scheduled Appointments

Another benefit offered by the answering service we provide with our rent workspace is that all of your appointments will be scheduled out for you when a customer wants a meeting. This will help you to stay on schedule and increase your overall productivity. In most cases, the owner of a small business has to handle a lot of different tasks each day and answering the phone can really wreak havoc on the amount of tasks they are able to complete each day.

At The Centres at Burlington, we can offer you what you need to be more productive. Our answering service is just one of the many amenities that we offer with all of our rent workspace.

When you partner with Centres at Burlington, you can rest assured that all of your administrative and office needs will be met with confidentiality and the highest of quality standards. All of our staff members are highly trained and ready to help you achieve all of your business goals. You are free to concentrate on growing your business and your clientele.

With traditional office space, business owners are bogged down with finding appropriate and affordable space to rent, negotiating lease terms and filling the office with furniture, computers and various other pieces of technology. The costs can be quite prohibitive, especially for businesses that are just starting out and don’t have a large operating budget.

Now, you can impress your clients with a beautifully appointed office, reception area, and conference room. Let them know you are a serious business owner and you have the skills to give them what they need.