How Virtual Office Space can Benefit Your Business

In the dot com age many IT businesses were started by eager young entrepreneurs in their parent’s garages or in their small apartment bedrooms.

With the advancement of technology the need for a traditional office no longer existed.  Certain things were however hard to overcome such as the need for a business address to receive mail at and the need for telephone calls to be answered.

A new concept was initiated to overcome this obstacle.  Virtual office space provides a start-up business with a cost effective solution to having a prestigious business address without the great expense that accompanies it.

Renting an office and paying staff is extremely costly especially when a business is starting out.  When the only need for office space is to have a receptionist answer calls and have a place to receive mail the cost of office space and hiring staff is not justified.

Many different internet based businesses exist which can be run from anywhere without using office space.

However mailing of physical items or legal documents may still be necessary, and having mail sent to a home address may not be perceived as professional. Clients have more confidence in knowing that the office that they are dealing with has a known business address in Massachusetts. The best solution is to use a virtual office.

Business owners, who travel a great deal, attend many meetings or have to do work that requires their full concentration, cannot attend to calls.  Many clients or potential clients are put off by voice mail. Virtual offices provide a call answering service which overcomes this problem.

On the rare occasion that the business owner does need to have a meeting with a client, the virtual office can provide the business owner with space in which the meeting can be conducted.

If you are based in Massachusetts and have either a start-up business or you have realized that the office space you are renting is not really necessary considering the way your business operates, then you may wish to consider getting virtual office space.

The Centres at Burlington offer virtual offices at the prestigious address 67 South Bedford Street in Massachusetts and you can contact them at (781)272-0541.