How to Select the Ideal Meeting Room Venue

Staying in touch and connected with customers and employees is essential for any business, regardless the size, and the very best way to do this is to hold regular meetings. In the majority of cases you will need to ensure that the meeting is located in a convenient location for your attendees. The best way to make a great impression is to locate a stylish, well equipped meeting room venue. While the task to locate an adequate meeting room venue can be daunting, creating a list of pre-determined needs can help to lessen the stress of the search. Some things that you should consider when searching for a meeting room venue.


When you begin selecting a meeting room venue, one of the most important factors to consider is the location. You need to secure a location that is accessible, as well as convenient for your attendees. Locating a meeting room venue that is located in the professional business district with easy access to public transportation is an ideal situation; however, if you are not able to secure this type of venue, you can take time to determine what is right for you, as well as our guests.


There is another important consideration to make when you are selecting a meeting room venue, which are the amenities that the facility offers. A helpful amenity that you should seek is the availability of video conferencing. When you have video conferencing available, you can include customers and clients all over the world without having to worry about the costs associated with traveling and accommodations.

Other amenities include the availability to have the event catered by the business facility and whether or not you can set up the meeting room venue to meet your specific needs. Renting a flexible space will allow you to achieve your meeting goals without much stress or hassle.

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Meeting Rooms – Etiquette?

When holding meetings people often do not know there is an unwritten etiquette relating to how to conducting a meeting. It can mean the difference between impressing your client and actually losing a business deal.

Listed below are some of the most important rules:

  1. Ensure that you are ready to host the meeting at least 10 minutes before the meeting is due to start.  It is annoying when clients arrive at a meeting and people are scurrying to get everything ready.
  2. Always know what the meeting is going to be about.  It is not only good manners but if you do not have a precise plan for your meeting your client will think that you are indecisive and unorganised.
  3. Always ensure that everybody has paper and pen to jot down any important notes while the meeting is taking place.  The secretary to the meeting may take down notes but it is wrong to record a meeting without the prior consent of the attendees and in certain places it is even illegal as it is violating privacy regulations.
  4. All mobile devices must either be switched off or put on silent.  Do not look at the devices at all during the meeting unless you have to retrieve information relevant to the devices.  If you are expecting an urgent call explain to all the meeting attendees that you are expecting an urgent call and unfortunately you will have to answer it if it comes during the meeting.
  5. If you take a file to present to clients you never open it until you start to discuss it.
  6. Dress appropriately for your meeting.
  7. If snacks are on the table do not grab at them during presentation.  If you are hosting the meeting remember that your guests want to be polite.  Provide them with the opportunity to eat the snacks.   Often snacks are not eaten at a meeting because the person that hosts the meeting does not provide the opportunity.
  8. Do not fiddle with anything while the meeting is going on as this is very distracting to the everybody that is attending.
  9. Stick to the agenda of the meeting.  Part of the agenda should be marked as “other” in order to cover anything that was not put in the original agenda.
  10. Stay positive, look people in the eye and project a sense of confidence..


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Creating an Environment of Office Space

When you decide to find the right office space, there are many things to consider.  Probably the most significant is whether this will be an employee workspace or the more elegantly client focused place where deals are closed.  For many startup companies, locating just the right office space can be a challenge, particularly when spending so much of their efforts launching the next multimillion-dollar company.

Dedicated consultants are a great resource to help you find what you want and need.  Whether you decide to use existing office space or building a new one, being flexible in this busy, chaotic, world can make a big difference.  Creating an environment that encourages teamwork from all employees, so they can do the incredibly, innovative work needed to grow, is vital to the success of the company.

Some people need quiet to allow for clear thinking.  For them a room filled with books, desk, comfortable chairs, and a big chalkboard might be perfect.  For others lots of light, tables and chairs, computers with big monitors, simple desks and an espresso machine works best.  Lastly are those who need comfort and elegance to complete all their work.  Plush carpeting, many windows with great views, and antique furnishings makes their office space inviting and comfortable.

Location is important for the success of a company.  An awesome option is to rent shared office space in prestigious locations.  This allows salespeople and executives, who travel a great deal for their business, to have access to an impressive address, call forwarding, someone to collect the mail, and a receptionist to handle surprise visitors when you are away.

Depending on the plan purchased, you also have several hours a month to meet with clients on-site.  The cost saved in salaries is more than enough to pay for the most prestigious rental in any city.  This choice is ideal for a startup companies, executive or other professionals, who do not need to spend a great deal of time in one office, since they can have office space in several cities.

Entrepreneurs with great ideas and huge goals need a place that allows for creative thinking and planning.  No longer are four walls and a fancy desk enough to grab the attention needed to let clients know what a smart and successful businessperson you have become.  Allowing a designer to create the perfect workplace is a perfect option.  Renovating inexpensive warehouses and turning them into the newest “shabby chic” office space is an option to inspire creativity.

Virtual Offices, the open door for working professionals

If you are looking for an inexpensive method of getting business accomplished, investing in virtual office services may be the answer. Commonly, business operators require the fast and efficient expertise of an office administrator. That is where a virtual office component may lend that much needed helping hand, which may lead to more successful transactions and telecommunication accommodations. Ideally, virtual offices utilize the entity of an off-site communication system–considered live. There are actually professional personnel on the other end of most the virtual office’s optional services. Conversely, virtual offices are competitors with business centers and executive suites, due to the accessibility of a variety of technological innovation along with the demanding attributions of the Information Age. However, there aren’t any mandatory long-term contracts for leasing office space.

Benefits of the Virtual Office

In relation to the services offered by virtual office companies, there are live professionals available to answer incoming phone calls (call centers) and remote receptionists. Basically, this type of business branch would be a profitable concept to use for high-profile professional occupations: Home-based entrepreneurs; attorneys; doctors; business consultants and real estate agents, just to name a few. Also, even though the economy may drift up and down, the stability of virtual offices existing continues to grow in contrast of a recessive economy.

Virtual Offices: Alternative to Leasing Office Space

Virtual offices continue to be a grand upward alternative to renting office space and keeping those offices equipped with both personnel and technology hardware. This entity of business matrix has been proven to be dependable for both e-businesses and professionals that need more individual-expert freedom, in order to maneuver efficiently and effectively within their assigned working environments.

Build a Better Business Margin

Lastly, the business venture’s margin may open up, too. Now, by eliminating the traditional responsibilities of companies; e.g., health care programs, employee record keeping, office insurance, and employee time-off benefits (sick pay, leave, and vacations) will not affect the budgets pertaining to business operating costs.

Ultimately, virtual offices are occupied with professional personnel that are trained to comply with standard administrative duties (receptionist/call center); controlling the outcomes of client and contractor relations. The expense is just a fraction of the operating costs compared with actually attaining an office for receptionist staff members. Chiefly, virtual offices have proven to be a successful concept of providing an administrative branch allotting convenience for the business professionals that demand a pliable method of applying work within their chosen fields.

Shared Office Spaces: All-In-One Solutions For Businesses

A shared office space, also called serviced office space, executive suite, or business center, is a one-stop office solution for businesses who are starting, are branching out, or are run by entrepreneurs who do not want to work from home, buy or rent an office space. These shared offices are ready for a quick setup for any business as they are already fully equipped and furnished. They already provide equipment and facilities that can be found in any office space, minus the huge costs of buying them all.

Some of the equipment available in a shared office space includes fax machines, copiers, office furniture, mail services and receptionists. Facilities like conference rooms, publishing or delivery services, and others may also be offered.

Shared office spaces are either standalone in a building or an extra space in a company that either owns or rents the facility. In this way, the company who acts as a lessor is able to generate additional income that can help recoup rental fees or just add cash flow to the company. In this setup, depending on the size of the extra office space of a company, the lessee may rent a desk or an entire extra space as needed by the business. Similarly, multiple businesses can also occupy them to the extent the spaces can accommodate. Businesses may share common facilities in the building such as conference rooms, kitchen and other amenities with the leasing or the owning business.

Examples of businesses who utilize the advantages of the concept of shared offices include medical professionals who share a space with a professional of a different but in a related field. In this way, they are able to complement each other in providing businesses that are of the same field without competing with one another. On the other hand, telecommuters can also benefit from the situation as the office and office equipment can be used by them at a designated period, which may also be used by others at other times.

The burden of investment required to purchase or rent real property, office equipment, furniture, its maintenance and repairs which are altogether reduced in shared offices is the greatest benefit that can be enjoyed by small businesses and starting companies alike.